Welcome to Atlas White Studios, a professional recording studio based in Nenagh, Co. Tipperary. The studio is ran and operated by Owen Geaney. Owen has been playing, studying and writing music for the past 20 years. Over the last few years he has composed and produced music, which has been used by major brands such as EA sports FIFA, VIAST TV Network, NBC TV network, COPA 90.

The latest Artist he produced was Outsider; this work has been picked up by Warner music to appear in a major American TV series called Shadow Hunters. One of Owens mixes has been added by EA sports to the soundtrack for the upcoming Fifa 2018 game.

Owen has a Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Music Production, Music Technology and Music Theory. He graduated with a First Class honors with a Distinction.  He was awarded the Spin South West Award for excellence in Music Technology and Production (2010), and the Hotpress award for excellence in Music Production (2011).


We have experience mixing all genres of music.  We use industry standard software and plugins from Universal Audio, Slate Digital and Waves.  We can also offer analog mixing using an analog SSL AWS 900 Console.

By cleaning up and enhancing you’re rough mix, we can bring your tracks to an industry standard through

  • Pitch correction on out of tune instrumentation and vocals.
  • Drum sample replacement.
  • Removing room resonances from poorly recorded tracks.
  • Reamping guitars and bass through pro amps and pedals.
  • Cleaning up noisy tracks/removing pops and clicks.
  • Fixing up timing errors.
  • Using tape emulation for some analog flavor.
  • Enhance your sounds with our outboard analog synths and massive sample library collection.

Please get in touch if you would like us to mix your song.  If possible please send your tracks/stems at 24 bit audio resolution.  With all files at the same sample rate of either 44.1khz, 48khz or 96khz (preferable 44.1 khz). Please make sure all tracks have been bounced from the very start point of your project. This will ensure all tracks will be in sync.

Band production

We work with our good friends over at golden egg studios making use of their amazing live room to offer exceptional acoustic and live drum recordings, whether its recording an ensemble or recording a full band live. We can capture the same energy of a live performance using giant gobos to control the acoustic environment and create separation between instruments while still capturing the bands energy.

Solo artist Production.

Working with a professional sound engineer and producer is vital for a successful product. We have the experience and production skills to bring your ideas to life.  We will work on your song, arrangement and production to bring it to professional competitive level.  We can take a simple idea on an acoustic guitar or piano and create a big sounding fully commercial song with appropriate instrumentation in any genre. Let us create your backing track by adding drums, guitars, bass, strings, Piano/Keys or any instrument necessary.

Professional Session Musicians

We have Professional Session Musicians for hire available on request.  We have developed a large base of exceptional professional Session Musicians available on request.  Whether its Drums, Guitar, Bass, Violin or Vocals. Just let us know your needs and we can arrange additional musicians.


Miol Mor Mara

Miol Mor Mara
track waveform
track waveform
  1. Outsider Miol Mor Mara